Systemic created the Shedworx software brand in 2007 to develop VoltaicHD for the Mac, a high-quality video converter for AVCHD camcorder video. From there a PC version of VoltaicHD was created followed by RevolverHD for HD disk burning, HD Quick Look and Cosmos for managing large video libraries.

Shedworx quickly moved into software for the Mac App Store and now produces the most popular video converter for the Mac in the world, Smart Converter and Smart Converter Pro.

On the mobile front, Shedworx has created Loops for cloud-based real-time photo sharing and MovieShare for the instant sharing of large movies between iOS devices.

Shedworx has also created a number of mobile sporting apps including FootyStar and HoopStar for tracking the performance of individual players. Interchange and BenchWarmer have also been created to manage game-day rotations and field/court time for various sporting teams.