Systemic, in conjunction with Jaksta Technologies Pty Ltd, develops the Jaksta suite of products – the easiest, most advanced streaming media recording and conversion technology available today.

Jaksta is a market leader, on both PC and Mac, in the video downloader area.

Jaksta Media Recorder monitors traffic coming into your computer and will save video and audio files from thousands of web sites. These files can be transferred to other devices like your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or burned to a CD or DVD disc, or used in other applications like iMovie.

Jaksta was written originally for Windows PCs in 2008, and then rewritten as a pure Mac application in 2011. As new streaming protocols and formats are introduced, the developers behind Jaksta are dedicated to keeping these programs at the forefront of technology.

Jaksta products are fully DMCA compliant, and do not decrypt or otherwise circumvent strong copy protection mechanisms in violation of international laws.

Jaksta products are also distributed by: